On our recent journey from Marrkech out to the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi ( more to come ) we came across this little fellow with his mum.  According to the herdsmen he was just 6 days old.

They are amazing creatures & I thought I would share with you some camel facts!!

The Arabian camel is the one humped Dromedary.  Camels have been in use since 1800BC on the silk route from Asia to Africa carrying incense, spices, ivory, gold, & silk.

Camels can allow their bodies to rise and fall between 36 – 42 degrees C. That’s 6 degrees. In humans, a rise of 3 degrees will result in vital organ damage & eventual death. They are capable of losing 30% of their body weight in water. This would kill any other animal. Sure are pretty tough individuals!!

Thanks to http://www.thesouq.co.nz

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