Morocco is a country where you can experience a taste of the exotic and yet is only a 4 hour flight away. Now more Scots can enjoy its charms thanks to the new route to Marrakech from Edinburgh. It is a country of stunning beauty and is an all the year round destination that enjoys an extremely pleasant climate. It has sandy beaches to the north and west, the breath-taking Atlas Mountains, and a number of lively cities, in particular Marrakech.

Kutubiyya Mosque In Marrakesh, Morocco
Kutubiyya Mosque In Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakech itself is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that offers a wide range of cafes, restaurants, night-clubs, bars, shops, cultural events and art galleries. There is also a good chance of rubbing shoulders with celebrities, given the thriving film industry and annual film festival.  

There is one part of Marrakech, however, that remains unique, the old town or medina. The medina is the famous bustling maze of market streets and alleyways where you can share endless cups of mint tea whilst bargaining for that carpet, these Moroccan suede slippers, that Saharan jewellery, chests, kaftans, and all manner of antiques. It also contains the beating heart of Marrakech, the Djemaa el Fnaa square which is a showcase of traditional Moroccan life. This is where traditional music, dance, snake charming, henna artists, tooth pullers storytelling, eating and socialising have continued unchanged for centuries.

For an authentic Moroccan experience, stay in a riad such as Riad Linda in the medina. Many of the old villas and apartments in Marrakech have been converted into chic, boutique style guest houses. Relax in the bhou (lounge) whilst reclining on cushions sipping mint tea or dine on delicious traditional cuisine under the stars on your own private terrace.

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